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Puri Dewa Bharata Hotel and Villas, set in a landscaped tropical garden, possesses the ambience of charming original traditional Balinese village concept for your opulent Bali holiday experience. Nestled at the borderline of Seminyak, Hotel Puri Dewata and Villas is close to stylish boutiques and shops, arcade of fine restaurants, and colorful nightlife entertainments. Located 15 minutes away from Kuta beach and 5 minutes to Double Six beach, the hotel offers you a comfortable stay in quiet presence for your tranquility. Boasting total of 48 rooms, all villas and rooms are designed and decorated in traditional Balinese style coupled with modern conveniences. Each space has been designed with the intent of allowing and inviting you to embrace the beauty of the lush manicured surroundings.

Puri Dewa Bharata Hotel and Villas invites you to discover the real unspoiled traditional Bali, the island of gods


Om Shanti, Shanti Shanti Om...

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Purnama Ceremony in Bali

canang purnama bali

Purnama Ceremony is a holy day for Hindus, is celebrated to seek blessings and the gift of Hyang Widhi. Full moon day, as the name suggests, falls every full moon night (Sukla Force). While Tilem day is celebrated every night during dark moon (Forced Krsna). Both holy day is celebrated every 30 or 29 days.